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It used to be that only the big consulting firms could offer a complete catalog of strategic and professional services. Not anymore; when you partner with Enköhde, your firm can ‘bolt on’ the services your clients need, when you need them. Our white-labelled professional service offerings will help you grow your business and provide a more complete service offering while reinforcing your brand.

Enköhde solves real-world problems that already exist and identify potential problems before they can emerge. We do this through a holistic approach to problem-solving using Service & Customer Experience Design, Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Architecture & Risk Management. Our capabilities are further extended by our partners who specialise in Data & Analytics and Automation & Robotics.





Helsinki, Finland

Sydney, Australia


Services & Expertise

service design

We apply Service Design to create services that your clients will love and your organisation can sustain. Our people-centered design approach is holistic, and includes consideration of both customer, business and compliance needs to ensure that the delivered services is sustainable and coherent.


Automation and robotics have the potential to increase service consistency and free up resources for value-added tasks. It also has the potential to cause existing process issues to go wrong, faster. Our automation and robotics partners can help your clients navigate the complexities of the technology to develop solutions that enhance operational excellence and customer experience.


We’ve seen that Service Design in the absence of process understanding can be more difficult to sustain. That's why we apply Lean and Six Sigma thinking to the services we create, to ensure that the business is transformed in lockstep with the services that are offered.


Designing a world class solution is one thing; making sure it ‘sticks’ is quite another. Achieve capability uplift and cultural change with our services in change management, and our curricula of process improvement, risk management, and innovation courses tailored for your client’s needs and delivered at your site or ours, anywhere in the world.

risk management

Any services or process change involves risk. These risks must be identified, quantified and managed for service change to be effective and sustainable. Our Service Design and Process Improvement work always includes Risk Management efforts to manage the changes we effect.


Knowing ‘how’ to implement a solution is half of the equation. Know ‘what’ and ‘why’ is the other half. Our research expertise will enable you to identify and leverage the economic, technological, industrial and market trends that will enable you to provide a solution to your clients that is precisely targeted and sustainable.


Socrates said, “Know thyself.” I say, “Know thy users.” And guess what? They don’t think like you do.
— Joshua Brewer


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